" Mobile Static IP Solutions – Buzz Wireless
Mobile Static IP Solutions – Buzz Wireless
At Buzz Wireless our Mobile Static IP routing solutions provide cost effective Static IP's for 3G & 4G SIMs. You have also wide choice of Data SIMs
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Mobile Static IP

If you are looking for Static IP solution to go with 3G or 4G SIM’s then we have the answer – The Buzz ME220 router!

Buzz Wireless static IP technology uses the ME 220 router to deliver the static IP address meaning that this will work with any SIM, and is much cheaper than a dedicated SIM solution.

Having a mobile static IP address is highly beneficial for many business related tasks from setting up your own hosted website to providing free wi-fi hotspot to your customers for in-store experience, in a cafe or a hotel.

What is a Mobile Static IP?

A static IP address is an Internet Protocol (IP) address number assigned to a network device by an administrator.

The mobile static IP address is just the same as a static IP with the only difference that allows the flexibility to move around your work space without being restricted by a fixed location.

All devices (routers, phones, tablets, desktops, laptops) for internet connectivity can be configured to have a static IP address. This might be done through a device giving out IP addresses (like the router) or by manually typing the IP address into the device from the device itself.

Why a Mobile Static IP?

Using a mobile static IP basically means that the outside world can connect with your computer far more easily and reliably. It might be better for your business to use a static IP in some of the following cases below:

  • Run Video Surveillance/CCTV – want a CCTV for your business? You’ll need a static IP for that
  • Make better VOIP calls – it’s more reliable to use a static IP when using VOIP
  • Enjoy less downtime – whenever a dynamic IP refreshes, you run the risk of downtime. It’s usually for a very short time, but if you’re relying on a stable connection it can be havoc all the same
  • Get direct emails – a static IP enables you to set up an email server, so you’ll have more direct control over your email.
  • Cloud solutions – using a static IP will make it much easier for you to run a server or host your own website, instead of paying for external hosting

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