" Inland waterways 4G Solutions – Buzz Wireless
Inland waterways 4G Solutions – Buzz Wireless
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Inland Waterways / Wifi for Narrowboats

Reliable 3G/4G routers for Inland Waterways / Wifi for Narrowboats from Buzz Wireless.

Away from the harsh sea conditions, there is less need for marine protection, so we were able to develop a cheaper alternative to the Hubba Marine routers, still capable of delivering the same superfast download speeds of up to 100Mbps. Inland Waterways / Wifi for Narrowboats from Buzz Wireless.

If you require internet connection for long term use a mobile router may be an option for you to consider. Designed specifically for inland waterways and narrowboats, this solution could provide you with the ultimate internet connection on your boat.

Normally consisting of an external antenna and a Wi-Fi hub mounted inside the cabin. The hub creates a personal hot-spot using 3G or 4G networks and can provide data rates up to 100Mbps download and upload speeds.

  • A permanent installation, so again, if you are building or fitting out a boat then specify and provide the equipment to the boat builder/fitter in advance for a professional installation
  • Requires an external antenna
  • Ultimate solution for multiple high speed connections
  • Suitable for use with a Smart TV or set-top box
  • LAN (or Ethernet) and USB ports allows a computer/games console to connect to the network using a wired connection


In addition to picking up 3G/4G signal via a traditional SIM card, many mobile routers can also be used to connect to WiFi hotspots. This is ideal if you are looking for the ultimate, flexible solution to ensure you can stay on-line.

To enable the mobile router to connect to WiFi hotspots you will need some additional equipment, namely an access point and an external WiFi antenna (in addition to your 3G/4G external antenna). These two pieces of equipment are commonly sold as two units that interconnect.

In conclusion, if you have a home mooring in a marina which offers WiFi but you also want to pick up 3G/4G whilst you are out cruising;

Your data speeds are still subject to the data speeds available from your service provider and can also be impacted by the number of other users accessing the service at any given time.

Huawei 4Go

The Huawei 4Go, just like the Hubba X4 marine units, comes with MIMO antenna system which is essential for use on narrowboats to overcome the problems created by their steel construction, which blocks radio waves effectively entering the vessel.

By mounting the antenna on the low profile mount on the roof of the boat, we maximise the signal strength and harness the available download and upload speeds by the closest mast in each area. The units come with two antenna cables that need to be mounted on the roof of the boat to fix properly before connecting with the router down below.

This unit is priced at £350 including VAT with a flat roof ‘stubby’ plastic mount.