" Dorset Wildlife Trust – Buzz Wireless
Dorset Wildlife Trust – Buzz Wireless
Businesses currently disadvantaged by being unable to receive broadband at last have an effective solution.
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The Challenge

Businesses currently disadvantaged by being unable to receive broadband at last have a cost effective solution, this same issue faced Dorset Wildlife Trust whose head office is based at Forston outside of Dorchester. Quoted approx £17k to install a leased line to provide connectivity the trust reviewed other technology solutions.

Lee Gilham, IT Support for Dorset Wildlife Trust said ?we were looking for a cost effective alternative to a leased line, as due to the location the existing ADSL was achieving a 500k download speed. He added satellite was one of our immediate thoughts when we came across the Hubba.

The Solution

Reception in the area proved an initial challenge to the team but a survey of the building found a point where the unit could lock onto a stable signal.

The Trust’s IT team worked with Buzz installing a second Hubba unit to split voice and data services between them to ensure sufficient capacity for the number of users and bandwidth requirements, and added them to the Ethernet network.


The trust immediately realised a saving of over £13k on the installation and rental, which represented a significant cost reduction. Cost savings were not the only benefit with performance of the units providing data downloads of 3Mbps compared to the previous 500k.

Dorset Wildlife Trust have since rolled out more of the units connecting their remote Kingcombe and Brownsea Island offices, implementing a Virtual Private Network between all of the offices providing greater access to internal systems facilitating business efficiencies.


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