" Buzz Marine provides Fred Olsen with Ferry communications
Buzz Marine provides Fred Olsen with Ferry communications
Buzz supplies Hubba X 4Go marine broadband units for the high speed catamarans of the Fred Olsen ferry fleet operating between the Canary Islands.
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Buzz Marine provides Fred Olsen with Onboard Wi-Fi

Buzz Marine provides Fred Olsen with Onboard Wi-Fi

Buzz Marine has won the contract to supply 9 of its HubbaX4 Go marine broadband devices for the high speed catamarans of the Fred Olsen ferry fleet which operates between the Canary Islands. The HubbaX4 Go is designed and built specifically for the rigors of the marine environment and will provide a cost effective alternative to maritime satellite communications for the passengers and crew of the ferries, allowing both voice and broadband data connection at sea.

The Fred Olsen fleet provides an important high speed link between the islands of the Atlantic archipelago. The new HubbaX4 Go system has a powerful, multi-directional MIMO antenna to provide uninterrupted connection to mobile broadband services for passengers and crew during the passage. Already in operation aboard the “Bonanza Express”, “Bocayna Express”, “Bentago Express” and “Bencomo Express” the HubbaX4 Go equipment will also be installed shortly on the impressive 126 meter, 38 knot multihull, “Benchijigua Express”.

The HubbaX4 Go is a highly flexible system operating on 4G, 3G or 2G networks providing download speeds of up to 80 mbps and will allow up to 32 Wi-Fi devices to use the system simultaneously. The Hubbax4 antenna is housed in a small easy to install, IP67 certified casing which protects it from the extreme maritime elements. The antenna is connected to a HubbaX4 router located below deck to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Steve Smith, managing director of Buzz Marine commented, “This is a significant installation for us as these vessels operate an important high speed link between the islands, some of which are up to 100 minutes passage time traveling at up to 38 knots. Initial results have shown the HubbaX Go to be highly effective in this environment so we are delighted that the flag ship of the fleet the “Benchijigua Express” will also now carry our Hubbx4 Go. We have had considerable interest in the Hubbx4 Go from other coastal operators around the world.”

Buzz Marine has also developed the HubbaX4 Duo, a more complex system configured for vessels traveling across international borders and those which carry a VSAT terminal. The HubbaX4 Duo has a VSAT failover facility which enables the lower cost, faster download of the HubbaX4 Duo to seamlessly take precedence when in range of a mobile connection. This substantially reduces the operator’s communication costs, which can be considerably less than using VSAT exclusively when within 20 miles of a mobile serviced coastline. The HubbaX4 Duo, also provides a dual SIM facility for vessels which operate across international borders and multiple mobile providers.