" 4G Solutions for Boats – Buzz Wireless
4G Solutions for Boats – Buzz Wireless
Looking for a 4G Solutions for Boats. The Hubba X4 Go and Duo provide a super fast 4G broadband WiFi solution for boats and yachts with up to 100Mbps download speeds.
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4G Solutions for Boats

Fast wireless broadband onboard up to 20 miles offshore

Just because you are afloat doesn’t mean that you don’t need access to the internet. By harnessing the 4G data networks, Buzz Wireless is able to offer a range of 4G devices, designed to optimise the access to coastal and land based mobile networks.

Hubba Marine Routers

The range of Hubba X4 router delivers great 4G speeds as well as uprated 3G access that complies with the latest HSPA+ access.

We offer three models – the Hubba X4 Global for dual SIM connectivity and further global reach, the Hubba X4 Go for single SIM and Hubba X4 Duo with two SIM slots, designed to maximise availability by accessing two networks. The Hubba X4 Duo can also operate in conjunction with existing onboard VSAT systems to provide failover options (This version achieves failover by taking a direct feed from onboard VSAT to ensure continued coverage and the lowest possible data cost at sea.)

Superyachts & Leisure Boats

Owners of superyachts demand the best, regardless of the cost. The same could be said when it comes to sourcing connectivity for their luxury boats. Buzz Wireless 4G routers provide faster and cheaper alternative to the expensive and less speedy Vsat systems.

Buzz’s 4G solutions are a result of our knowledge and long experience in providing marine broadband solutions, making the Hubba X4 routers popular and reliable choice among boat owners all around the world. We like to think that we’re leaders in marine connectivity and we the British Marine Federation seems to think the same as it has awarded us a membership status.

Commercial Shipping

Marine broadband has become a necessity in the information age, but it still remains expensive for those who live and work at sea.

Buzz’s Hubba X4 Global model is most suited for commercial marine activity, the 4G router is designed to provide a superfast 4G broadband solution to support your needs. The unit is capable of providing up to 100Mbps download speeds, keeping you connected using 4G and 3G mobile network frequencies with their built-in modem.

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