" Home - 4G Solutions from Buzz Wireless, Marine, Business and Domestic
Home - 4G Solutions from Buzz Wireless, Marine, Business and Domestic
Buzz Wireless are 4G solution experts, offering a range of 4G soultions for businesses, offices, boats and marine. We also offer 4G routers on sort or long term hire.
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4G Business Solutions

Buzz Wireless delivers a range of 3G/4G business broadband solutions tailored to your needs, providing high speed access wherever and whenever you want it. We offer a full end-to-end service from hardware selection to an ongoing managed data service.

4G Solutions for Boats

We pride ourselves as members of the British Marine Federation and aim to provide the best wireless broadband services for commercial and independent boat.   Our 4G routers can offer up to 100mbps on board Wi-Fi access for commercial marine vessels, luxury yachts

4G Routers for Hire

Buzz Wireless now offers a range of 3G/4G routers to rent on a short or long term basis tailored to your needs and providing high speed access. This offers events, conferences and construction sites a solution to ensure cost effective voice and data connectivity.

Rural & Remote 4G

Bringing high-speed broadband to country estates, villages, business parks and remote locations. 3G & 4G options or wide area coverage from a single donor point, our solutions resolve black-spot issues to ensure you get the connections that you need

Inland Waterways 4G Solutions

Away from the harsh sea conditions, there is less need for marine protection, so we were able to develop a cheaper alternative to the Hubba Marine routers, still capable of delivering the same superfast download speeds of up to 100Mbps. Inland Waterways / Wifi for Narrowboats from Buzz Wireless.

Mobile Static IP Solutions

The mobile static IP address is just the same as a static IP with the only difference that allows the flexibility to move around your work space without being restricted by a fixed location. If you are looking for Static IP solution to go with 3G or 4G SIM’s then we have the answer – The Buzz ME220 router!

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Buzz Wireless launches global 4G solution

Hubba X4 Global Dual SIM mobile broadband router for marine use

In a perfect world all countries would deploy a global standard protocol for cellular data, but in reality many have their own allocated frequency bands and system variants, nowhere is this more evident than the US and Canada, where systems are often incompatible with European and Asian counterparts. This has meant that for the shipping industry it has hitherto been difficult to come up with a global solution in one box.

Step forward the Hubba X4 Global, the first multiband, multi-protocol, dual SIM, LTE data router designed for the maritime sector. Ideal for operators regularly crossing borders, it also interoperates with existing VSAT systems to switch seamlessly when out of range of shore based networks.

The new Hubba X4 Global provides a cost-effective solution to help vessels stay connected across multiple networks up to 20 miles offshore in range of shore based mobile networks.

Download the pdf

Check out the 4G products we offer

The Hubba X 4Duo is our professional grade marine router, IP67 rated with dual SIM capability, built in Wi-Fi, and Marina Wi-Fi repeater function.

Capable of providing up to 100Mbps download speeds, keeping you connected using 4G, 3G and 2G mobile network frequencies with its built-in modem.


Do you need a 4G solution for your boat, yacht or ship?

The Hubba X 4Go is our standard use external unit and has a single SIM holder, built in Wi-Fi, and is suitable for most leisure craft, small commercial vessels and inland waterways and is IP66 Rated.

It is capable of providing up to 100Mbps download speeds, keeping you connected using 4G, 3G and 2G mobile network frequencies with the routers built-in modem.


Do you need a 4G maritime solution?

The Huawei 4Go, like the Hubba X 4 marine units, comes with our MIMO antenna system which is essential for use on narrow boats to overcome the problems created by their steel construction, which blocks radio waves effectively entering the vessel.


Do you need a 4G solution for your Business?

Reasons to choose Buzz Wireless

  • UK based Customer Service and Tech Support
  • Honest competitive pricing
  • Friendly quality service
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Established over 21 years

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